The Maintenance Team Keeps Our Detroit Apartments in Top Shape!

One of the most important ways XLNC serves our residents is by providing a full service maintenance team to complete repairs and renovations in all of our Detroit apartment buildings. Our dedicated maintenance crew is trained to handle any repairs you need for your apartment.

In addition to handling day to day repair for our tenants, maintenance has also been making renovations to all of our apartment buildings and units in order to improve the quality of living for our residents.

Some of the recent upgrades include:

  • Interior & exterior renovations
  • Installing new windows & doors
  • Professionally cleaned carpets
  • Restored/refinished hardwood flooring
  • New and repaired fixtures
  • Adding working 3 piece appliance sets
  • And more!

With these renovations, we're committed to providing a safe and livable environment for all of our tenants. If new problems arise, we're committed to helping you solve them in a timely manner.

If you're experiencing a problem in your apartment unit and need assistance, contact the maintenance team now. We'll send out someone to help you as soon as possible.

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